Operational principles

The working principle of CATCH and LIFT is ingeniously simple.

It is based on physical principles and requires a minimum of components, which makes CATCH and LIFT a hassle-free and user-friendly rescue system.

Based on this proven principle, MS SAFETY GmbH develops, tests and manufactures other devices for rescue teams and the military.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


Practical examples






Ausprobiert: Mensch-über-Bord-Manöver mit Catch-and-Lift-Bergesystem

In man-overboard maneuver (MOB), the Catch-and-Lift system can help getting a person back on board.

Sönke Roever tried it and made a video.

From Blauwasser.de-article 12/2017.


MOB – so kommt man wieder an Deck

Two new Rescue Systems in test

under realistic Conditions.

From YACHT-article issue 20/2016.


Reporter über Bord!

Production by RTL NORD

To the original video on rtlnord.de

RTL Nord 05 2018 cover 


Hochschul-Segelclub Freiburg e.V. HSCF

The CATCH & LIFT System | A test by

Hochschul-Segelclub Freiburg e.V.

To the original video on YouTube.


SC Brise 1898 e.V.

Charter yacht man over board she pulls him safely on deck without effort

Skippertrainer Dietmar Geyer

To the original video on YouTube.

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