System components






The pulley is marked 1 and is attached to the sailing vessel with a snap hook. Possible hooking points for this purpose are on the right or on the left of the shrouds or at the end of the boom (topping lift). The pulley is pivoted. Possible rope twists automatically become untwisted during the return process. Furthermore, the pulley is fitted with a special rope cleat. This rope cleat secures the returned rope and, thus, also the person gone overboard immediately upon his/her return on board.




Die Rettungsschlaufe verfügt über ein rotes Halteband, das mit einer 2 gekennzeichnet ist. Diese Rettungsschlaufe hat mehrere Funktionen:

  • Heaving line: approx. 40 meters of floating rope stowed in two pockets.
  • Brake function: when the floating rope is unstrapped, the two pockets fill with water. The rescue sling can be steered to the person in the water with pinpoint accuracy independently of wind conditions.
  • The rescue sling is used if the person in the water carries no life jacket or the life jacket is not equipped with the lift device, in which a snap hook can be hooked.
  • A snap hook: if the life jacket is equipped with a lift device, the red snap hook should be hooked into it. It can be hooked in easily even with cold, stiff fingers. This snap hook is identical to the snap hook on the pulley.



The sea anchor has got a red hand strap marked 3. To ensure that the sea anchor only unfolds in water (and not on board ship by strong winds), it is packed in a special protective cover which is environmentally friendly and completely dissolves in water within 3 seconds. The sea anchor opens very quickly, automatically and reliably as soon as it is surrounded by water.




The yellow floating rope floats in water and is clearly visible on the water surface. It has a total length of approx. 60 meters. Measured from the pulley, about 50 meters of floating rope are available for the surrounding (CATCHING) of the person gone overboard. The remaining 10 meters of floating rope stretch from the pulley to the sea anchor and ensure that the sea anchor can be jettisoned unimpeded into the water.




The case is an important part of CATCH and LIFT. It is closed with two red seals and safely protects all system components contained inside from humidity, dirt, UV radiation and mechanical impact. This is the only way to ensure the reliable functioning of CATCH and LIFT. Thanks to the built-in air pressure compensation valve, this case is safe for air travel. This case is air-, dust - and waterproof according to IP67 standards. It complies with all the basic requirements of STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41 standards.



The C&L wire clamp is installed on the shrouds and constitutes the readily available hooking point for the pulley - regardless of the position of the sails. The shrouds are eminently suitable for the LIFT of the person gone overboard due to their stability and position. The C&L wire clamp is optional and available for all shroud diameters from 5 mm to 14.3 mm.


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